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Sabai, Sabai

10 Days in Thailand- A Traveler’s Guide In Thailand, you have no other choice but to let it go. Succumbing to the playful and outgoing personalities of the Thai people and embracing a pace of life that is, ‘Sabai, Sabai.’ After over two years of navigating pandemic related travel bans and quarantines, Southeast Asia isContinue reading “Sabai, Sabai”

Kickin’ It Kauai Style

I’m unsure if there has ever been a place I’ve traveled to that I haven’t wanted to visit again. For me, part of the beauty of traveling is to continue exploring and constantly carving out new experiences. And, no matter how many different places I’ve been fortunate enough to see, there are always more adventuresContinue reading “Kickin’ It Kauai Style”

Yeosu and Islands Abound

From Jirisan, we drove just over an hour to the southern end of the Korean peninsula and crossed the bridge over to Yeosu island. Our pension (Naver Maps), was located 3 floors up from a fishing pier falling off into the south sea. Yeosu boasts over 350 islands in the area and it seemed weContinue reading “Yeosu and Islands Abound”


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Travel Logs from JeJu Island: Part I and Part II

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