Busan or Bust: A Traveler’s Guide

Busan has become one of my favorite cities to visit and whether you live in South Korea or are traveling in the region, I would move it to the top of your list! Boasting gorgeous beaches, coastline trails, an assortment of eateries, and an array of sightseeing opportunities, there are plenty of options to stay busy in Busan. We have traveled down to Busan on multiple occasions and I want to share some of our favorite spots. Because Google Maps is spotty in Korea, you will need to download Naver Maps to check out specific locations.

Outdoor Sights

Gajisan Mountain: If you are driving from Seoul, this is a great place to stop and go for a nice hike. You can walk this in a loop and in the Spring, the azalea bloom is supposed to be phenomenal.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple: One of the more spectacular Buddhist temples I’ve visited as there are gorgeous sculptures perched on the sea cliff with the waves crashing in.

Igidae Cliff Waterside Park: Marine headland trail that stretches along the water. Spectacular views spanning Suyeongnam Bay with Jangsan Mountain and Haeundae in the backdrop.

Moonwalk: There is a boardwalk that wraps along the South Sea, East of Haeundae Beach. A rail line is also available which floats above the walking path. You can take this all the way to Cheongsapo and then take dirt trails back through the woods around Wausan Mountain. It is easier to switch to Maps.me to follow the trail system.

Haeundae Beach: For good reason, this is the most famous beach in Korea. Walking up and down the strip of sand, no matter the hour, does not get old.

Undaesan Mountain: If you are looking for a sunset stroll with a little bit of incline, Undaesan is right off Haeundae Beach.

Food and Drink

Wave On Coffee Shop: The beach and views beneath the deck coming off this coffee shop make its worth the trip. There is a traditional Korean restaurant adjacent to Wave On that has you feeling like you’re sitting on top of the water.

Gorilla Brewing: There are plenty of good breweries in the Haundae area. Gorilla Brewing seemed to be open more than the others:) Their craft beers are also available at Motor City Pizza in Seoul.

Namaste: Some of the best Indian we’ve had outside of India! The family is originally from Dehli and there are even Bollywood music videos playing in the background.

Haemok: Incredible atmosphere with even better Tuna and Salmon!

Hoabinh: If you are craving Vietnamese food while in Busan, you will find good Pho here!

Bibibidang: This place serves the traditional Korean style desert that originated in Busan. Shaved ice mixed with a variety of fresh fruit and served with tea overlooking the ocean is a great midway stop on the Moonwalk (listed above).

Fingers and Chat: Fried fish, beer, wine, and a fantastic view of the sunset is tough to beat!

Wander Around and Get Lost

Let’s face it, when traveling to a new spot, sometimes the best way to experience a place is to simply wander around and see where the day takes you.

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