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Bali, Indonesiia 2019

You never know where the road will take you…

From a young age and through a curious nature, I have been drawn to adventure and the unknown. I truly cherish my time in the outdoors with my friends and partner! Hiking, snowboarding, mt. biking, running, and paddling are all activities that I embrace and when I feel most grounded in this crazy world. I have always chosen to live in areas that boast mountains and rivers such as Oregon, Colorado, Montana, California, and Alaska. Most recently, my spouse, Ashlee, and I have moved to Seoul, Korea to work as High School Counselors.

I’ve had the privilege to be able to prioritize travel in my life and have visited New Zealand, Australia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, and countries in Europe.

When I am not traveling or enjoying time in the outdoors, I work with teens who continue to inspire me and give me a hope for a better future!

In the hopes of inspiring others to write and share their stories, I will be including posts from other authors who have contributed their works to Journey Archives. By adding different voices and how others experience travel and adventure, we will only broaden our understanding of each other and how we interact with the world.

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