Controlled Chaos- 8 Days in Vietnam

A Traveler’s Guide Vespa, Honda, and Yamaha scooters pulse through the streets in a perfectly orchestrated buzz. Seamlessly intersecting, the Old world peacefully collides with present day in a frenzied explosion of food, culture, customs, and nature. At first glance, one might find it hard to believe that all of these things can co-exist withContinue reading “Controlled Chaos- 8 Days in Vietnam”

No Car, No Problem- Traveling Light on Jeju

Getting There Owning a car in Korea has allowed us to embark on countless road trips throughout the peninsula; exploring the mountains and beaches that comprise the phenomenal landscape of the region. However, when time is limited or you simply do not care to navigate the highways, there are plenty of other options that doContinue reading “No Car, No Problem- Traveling Light on Jeju”

Soaking in Sokcho- A Traveler’s Guide

Whether you are wanting to break free from the bustle of Seoul or are visiting Korea in the near future, Sokcho is a prime destination that features the grand splendor of mountain ridges peering down on a pounding surf.  In the short time living in Korea, we have grown to love this spot as a wayContinue reading “Soaking in Sokcho- A Traveler’s Guide”

Summit to Sea to Table in Jeollabuk-do (The Westside)

On my drive from Jirisan to Naejangsan, I left solitude in the rearview mirror and began to settle into loneliness. The midpoint of my week-long road trip had me longing for a little conversation or some laughter to break up the constant introspection.  Tom Petty is a solid co-pilot while driving, but he’s not necessarily writingContinue reading “Summit to Sea to Table in Jeollabuk-do (The Westside)”

Solitude and Loneliness in Jeollabuk-do (The East Side)

Over the past 20 years, I have become aware that there is a fine line between solitude and loneliness.  I’m not sure where one ends and the other begins as they often bleed into each other.  So often when being in the outdoors, we seek the solitude necessary to truly become in tune with our natural environment.  AndContinue reading “Solitude and Loneliness in Jeollabuk-do (The East Side)”