Busan or Bust: A Traveler’s Guide

Busan has become one of my favorite cities to visit and whether you live in South Korea or are traveling in the region, I would move it to the top of your list! Boasting gorgeous beaches, coastline trails, an assortment of eateries, and an array of sightseeing opportunities, there are plenty of options to stayContinue reading “Busan or Bust: A Traveler’s Guide”

Pork Chop Meets Korea

Ashlee’s Mom, Ellen Esther Johnson, came to visit us in Korea over Winter Break.  You may be picturing a kind, little old Grandma, who knits quilts, plays bridge, and has the occasional Gin Fiz during square dancing night.  This could not be further from the truth and why upon meeting Ellen 10 years ago, I gave herContinue reading “Pork Chop Meets Korea”

Mountainsides with Handrails

I was in my 3rd year of College and attending the University of Oregon.  I say 3rd rather than Junior year because sometimes in College, the year does not always equate to how far you have or have not progressed in school.  I was enrolled in an Outdoor Leadership class with Jim Blanchard.  A legend in the field of SearchContinue reading “Mountainsides with Handrails”

So Good in Sokcho

We were driving down a Korean highway, breaking loose from the city and bound for adventure.  Since we left early Friday morning the roads were relatively clear and our minds were open with anticipation.  Then a small courier pickup truck, called a Bongo, passed us and pulled into our lane.  There were large sheets of plexiglass-type material thatContinue reading “So Good in Sokcho”

I Found my Juju on Jeju- Part 2

A Travel Log from JeJu Island, Days 4-7 Day 4 The Olle trail is a 422 km walking path that circumnavigates Jeju Island. There are over 25 different routes that snake through farmland, follow the coastline, and wind through towns and villages. Olle means a path that connects a home to the main road andContinue reading “I Found my Juju on Jeju- Part 2”

I Found My Juju on Jeju- Part 1

A Travel Log from JeJu Island, Days 1-3 Day 1 We had gone over two months without seeing the stars and there may have been a part of us that questioned their existence in Korea. Although we have spent plenty of time enjoying the nature surrounding Seoul and have been on bike rides that lastedContinue reading “I Found My Juju on Jeju- Part 1”

Harbor Springs Shopping

By Ross Harbor Springs, Melissa’s hometown, is located way up north on Lake Michigan, 35 miles from the Mackinac Bridge—almost, but not quite, to the Upper Peninsula. (Make the mitten with your hand, touch the top of your ring fingernail.) Population 1,200, which at least doubles in the summer. Because: Once, in one of theContinue reading “Harbor Springs Shopping”